• Uutiset | 11.04.2024

    A season of great celebrations

    In the 2024/25 season, the Lahti Symphony Orchestra will celebrate its 75th anniversary and the Sibelius Hall its 25th anniversary....

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  • Uutiset | 29.01.2024

    Hannu Lintu to become the Lahti Symphony Orchestra’s artistic partner in the autumn of 2025

    In the autumn of 2025, conductor Hannu Lintu will become the artistic partner of Lahti Symphony Orchestra. The contract will...

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  • Uutiset | 15.01.2024

    Sibelius Festival 2024

    A complete symphony cycle is the theme of the Lahti Sibelius Festival in its 25th anniversary year Guest performers include...

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  • Uutiset | 10.09.2023

    Sibelius Festival feedback

    Dear guest, thank you for attending Sibelius Festival 2023 in Lahti! You can help us develop the festival and tourism...

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  • Uutiset | 02.08.2023

    Sibelius and Barnett

    Andrew Barnett is a familiar figure to regulars at the Lahti Sibelius Festival. His name has appeared in programme books...

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  • Uutiset | 24.03.2023

    The Lahti Symphony Orchestra’s coming season features earworms and epic works

    During the 2023–24 season, the Lahti Symphony Orchestra will perform masterpieces by Mahler and Beethoven as well as the original...

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  • Uutiset | 22.03.2023

    Dalia Stasevska to continue as principal conductor of the Lahti Symphony Orchestra 

    The Welfare and Recreation Committee approved the contract for an extension on 22 March 2023.  At its meeting on 22...

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  • Uutiset | 01.12.2022

    The Sibelius Festival program has been announced

    The international Sibelius Festival of Lahti Symphony Orchestra will take place on September 7.-10., 2023 at the Sibelius Hall in...

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  • Uutiset | 14.01.2022

    The Estonian Festival Orchestra conducted by Paavo Järvi will visit the Lahti Sibelius Festival on 31 August 2022

    The Lahti Symphony Orchestra’s 23rd Sibelius Festival will be held at the Sibelius Hall in Lahti from 31 August to...

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